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By applying to become a reseller with Ingram Micro you agree to the following conditions:


  • To open an account with Ingram Micro you must be a reseller of IT equipment or services.
  • Resellers that open an account must agree to Ingram Micro's Sales Terms & Conditions.
  • When your account application is accepted you will receive your account number which will enable you to start trading with the world’s largest technology distributor. Due to the current Covid 19 situation applications may take longer than usual and please allow 5 days for your application to be renewed.​ 
  • For help with a New Account Application, visit our New Account frequently asked questions page by clicking here.
  • Alternatively contact us on 01908 807752 or by email for more information.


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Find out why 185,000 solution providers partner with Ingram Micro

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Join us and discover why over 185,000 solution providers around the world work in partnership with us.
Ingram Micro does not accept account applications from end-users.

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