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Driving sales in changing times

When we talk about evolving sales strategies in the channel, it’s all too easy to present it as just another thing to add to the to-do list, one more job to get done. The reality is that change isn’t a box that can be ticked; it’s a constantly moving target that creates new things to think about and new challenges to address the more we strive to tackle it.


Change can be disruptive, and often threatening - but only if you let it. It can also be exciting, driving new opportunities, new ways to serve customers, and new directions in which to take your business.


In this e-book, we’re focusing on the positive side of change. Over the next few pages, you’ll find our thoughts on where the market is heading, what it means for sales and business leads, and how we can help partners respond in the most profitable way.


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Closing ‘as-a-service’ deals with finance.

IT consumption models are changing fast. Not every customer is looking for everything ‘as-a-service’, but an increasing number now are. In the device space, for example, IDC say 73% of businesses who anticipate deploying PC as-a-service plan to fully transition to this model within three years. It’s not just PCs. Software, storage, platforms, DR and more are all moving to on-demand, subscription-based models in the cloud. For partners, the as-a-service model offers considerable opportunity. But structuring the financial deals can be complex. Here, we look at the issues and explore how Ingram Micro Financial Solutions can help.


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As end-customers’ businesses evolve, so must the channel.

Design, implementation, support and maintenance are no longer enough. Customers need trusted advisors that don’t just deliver solutions but will ensure their value is fully realised across the organisation. This can be a challenge for many partners – particularly with all that’s going on in the world.


In our Driving partner success in today’s new normal guide, we look at how the market is evolving, hear from channel partners about their experiences, and explore the challenges and opportunities of providing these through-life, differentiating services to mid-market and small businesses. 


We also introduce Ingram Micro’s own extended services proposition – specifically designed to help partners adapt and respond in this fast-evolving new world. There are huge opportunities in change.


Together we can grasp them.


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