AV Assist Officially Launches in the UK

AV Assist Officially Launches in the UK

23 March 2020

AV Assist has officially launched in the UK, with a view to expand into EMEA/Europe in the near future. This brand new product is a trade only audio-visual remote support service accessible via a simple to use SaaS platform. They provide a low-cost product designed to add technical reinforcement to resellers which is purchasable through the AV/IT distribution channel.

This product was created to overcome several pain points that AV resellers currently face, such as:

  1. Shortage of on demand skilled programmers and engineers
  2. Lack of a truly vendor agnostic remote support service
  3. High cost for subcontract programmers and engineers in the UK

AV Assist provides expert remote programming and engineering support to audio-visual reseller partners and their end users’ solutions. The service is vendor agnostic, meaning the AV Assist support team are skilled and trained to provide support on whole AV solutions. So no matter where the AV product has been purchased, AV Assist can support it. 

This service is aimed at the mid/smaller IT/AV resellers, who do not have access to cost-effective in-house or outsourced multi-AV vendor technical support, and wish to expand their client offering to post-supply and/or post-installation support.

Benefits include:

  • Winning more clients who demand support packages
  • Generating more business by allowing you to focus on sales rather than support
  • Value driven product - resulting in more bottom-line profit
  • Remaining vendor agnostic - even those devices purchased from other sources can be supported
  • Access to expert resource worth thousands of pounds with minimal upfront cost allowing growth for SMEs

AV Assist have identified a gap in the market for such a product, offering both AV vendors and resellers a generous revenue/margin opportunity. They provide access to on demand skilled programmers and engineers for all leading manufacturers (both AV & IT), meaning less time spent on sourcing & managing engineering resource and less expense on on-site engineers and programmers.

Included in this service is a single point of expert contact, regardless of vendor, or where the device was purchased from, and an easy to use SaaS platform that provides access to real-time user analytics to assess support performance. Offered at a low cost with a fixed 12 month option, AV Assist want to provide peace of mind and assistance with budgeting.

AV Assist are agile and fast in their response, dedicating their resources to deliver the best product and service possible. For more information, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with our sales specialist here at Ingram Micro, Raimondas Mikalauskas - Raimondas.Mikalauskas@ingrammicro.com